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Take a cultural journey to the soaring granite peaks of the Kimotong Mountains

Take a cultural journey to the soaring granite peaks of the Kimotong Mountains in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan, home of the beautiful Laarim people. The Larim Sometimes referred to as ‘Boya’ (a term that is deemed insulting to them) are Nilotic people living in the rugged, hilly terrain of Boya Hills in South Sudan. They number 20,000 to 25,000 and are agro-pastoralists, cultivating sorghum, maize, and beans, but mainly involved in livestock herding, hunting game, and fishing. Cattle are their most important possessions and play a significant part in their social and cultural life. Cattle are bred for their meat, hide, blood, and milk, and used as dowry to pay for a bride.

The Larim scarify their bodies and faces, pierce their noses, ears, and lips, and often smoke tobacco from wooden and metal pipes. Their huts, built of wood, are often decorated with shells and designs. Visitors get to see the oddly market named Camp 15, a series of ramshackle roadside huts that form a small economic center for the Laarim people.

Dotted in the fairytale landscape, you will visit Laarim villages with their pretty thatched roofs that are connected via undulating foothill trails. Scratch below the surface of that scene and you will find pretty Laarim girls and women with their multi-layered and brightly colored skirts, their spectacular body scarification, and their stunning beaded jewelry adorning their necks, arms, and ears. You will also get to see the Larim grinding pits.

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