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When we do textual analyzes and in-depth scientific analyzes on Egyptology and in this case on the 90 mummies, with a lot of intelligence, we will notice the Eurocentric conspiracy, the Negrophobes and this enters into the history of the black people.

First, it is false when Eurocentrists claim that there were many mummies at the site of Abusir el-Meleck. It is also false that these mummies were selected from the site of Abusir el-Meleq, among other mummies.

Where do these mummies come from?

There are only 151 mummies in total and of the 151 mummies, 90 mummies had incomplete DNA and 3 had Complete DNA.

These mummies are not whole, because they are only the heads of the mummies recovered since the 20th century at Abusir el-Meleq, these heads of the mummies belong to German museums and they have been in Germany since the 20th century.

There was therefore no trip by German scientists to Abusir el-Meleq, in other words, the tests were carried out on the heads of mummies from German museums. Particularly; DNA was sequenced in bones or teeth.

Question: "Who published all the conclusions related to these DNA tests of the 90 mummies, attributing them to the modern populations of the Levant?" Here is the excerpt:

() The genomes of 90 mummies from ancient Egypt, reveal that the genetic heritage of the ancient Egyptians has many more similarities with that of the people of the modern Levant, than with that of today's Egyptians. ()

Here regarding the genome results, the Levant in question is Anatolia (Turkey), the same genomes also indicate Europe.

The Levant of the DNA results concerns very little Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine and yet it is among these latter peoples that Eurocentrists attribute kinship with ancient Egypt.

I repeat that the results of these DNA are of a very strong majority concentration in Turkey, Greece and Europe, which makes it possible to attest more precisely to Anatolia (Turkey), Greece and even Europe, and exclude Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

Are the nationals of these countries (Turkey, Greece and Europe West Asians? Are they natives of ancient Egypt? or are they foreigners? Are modern Turks and Greeks similar to the pharaohs?

In the conclusions, German scientists compared the DNA of these 90 mummy heads (presumably Greek) with the DNA of modern Egyptians and sub-Saharan Africans.

This conclusion is false based on the DNA results. For what ? Because the DNA results are close to Europeans, Greeks and Turks.

Another question :

- Why did you not announce that the Syrians, the Iraqis and the Lebanese (to whom you attributed ancient Egypt) arrived late in Egypt so at Abusir el Meleq, the mummies concern Greeks, Turks or Europeans ?

Instead, you preferred to type on Africans, here are the extracts:

() Data shows that modern Egyptians share about 8% more of their genetic heritage with sub-Saharan African populations than ancient Egyptians. ()

Still from these mummies, another extract says this:

() Populations from sub-Saharan Africa arrive in Egypt at the end of the Roman period ()

All these conclusions are given from European mummies (presumably Greek for several reasons).

Perhaps this data wants to teach us that the ancient Egyptians were invaders and negrophobic colonialists who came from the Levant, precisely from Greece and Turkey to build a civilization?

- Who made this false official conclusion?

- What is the point of this lie?

- And finally, what should Africans think, given the excessive number of Western lies?

I commit to what I say now: "I looked at the DNA results of these 90 mummies and I analyzed them... These results attest that these mummies are of European origin. The only Europeans that we can pointing the finger, in view of the history of Egypt, are of course the Greeks.

- If  the Greeks or the Europeans are not Egyptian, what were these European or Greek mummies doing at Abusir el-Meleq?

So from the DNA results, indisputably, even for a 10 year old kid, we are dealing with foreign mummies.

Moreover, this cemetery was composed of numerous texts written in Greek.

My final questions:

- Did the natives of Egypt speak and write in Greek? Why in this cemetery were the funerary texts in Greek? Are the Greeks indigenous?

- Why have false conclusions been given valuing the modern populations of the Levant, when they have nothing in common with the DNA of the mummies

- Why are these false conclusions which concern foreigners used against the black people of Africa?

- Faced with all this false evidence, what attitude should a true African respectful of his ancestors have?

Note: The image below shows the Levant including Anatolia in yellow and the current Levant (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine) in red.

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