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Lesotho a high-altitude, landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa

Lesotho πŸ‡±πŸ‡Έ a high-altitude, landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa, is crisscrossed by a network of rivers and mountain ranges including the 3,482m-high peak of Thabana Ntlenyana. On the Thaba Bosiu plateau, near Lesotho's capital, Maseru, are ruins dating from the 19th-century reign of King Moshoeshoe I. Thaba Bosiu overlooks iconic Mount Qiloane, an enduring symbol of the nation’s Basotho people. πŸ‡±πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±πŸ‡ΈπŸ”️πŸ”️

Lesotho is well known for it's breathtaking scenery which includes snow-capped mountain ranges during the winter. The Sehlabathebe National Park, in the Maloti Mountains, is at the heart of the country and boasts rich plant, animal and bird life.

Lesotho's food culture features likhobe (a stew with beens, berries, and sorghum), meat, and vegetables. Corn-based dishes include papa and motoho (fermented sorghum porridge). Basotho cuisine includes sauces, generally less spicy than other African countries. Beetroot and carrot salads are common side dishes

Lesotho boasts of friendly people, rich cultural heritage and historical sites of pristine value; and offers unique scenery to the discerning tourist.

Sotho (Sesotho), a Bantu language, is spoken by the majority of the population, though both Sotho and English are official languages in the country. Zulu is spoken by a small but significant minority. Phuthi, a dialect of Swati, and Xhosa are also spoken in parts of Lesotho.


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