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-Africa is the second largest continent in the world.

-The hottest desert in the world is in Africa. The Sahara desert.
-The largest river in Africa is river Congo.

- The longest river in Africa and in the world is river Nile.

- The highest mountain in Africa is mount Kilimanjaro found in Tanzania.

- The largest lake is Africa is lake Victoria found in East Africa. 

- The inland drainage lake in Africa is lake Chad.

-The temperate grass land in Africa is the veld found in South Africa.  

- The highest water fall is Africa is the Victoria fall.

-The largest Island in Africa is Madagascar.

- The largest country (land surface) in Africa is Democratic Republic of Congo.

- The smallest and least populated country in Africa is Seychelles.

- The African country which last gain independence is Southern Sudan. The capital is Juba 

- The largest city in Africa is Cairo.

- The most developed country is Africa is the Republic of South Africa.

- The rift valley is found in East Africa.

- The lake district is found in East Africa.

- An important watershed in West Africa is the Futajalon Highland.

- The chief producer of cocoa in Africa is Côte D'ivoire.

- The chief producer of tea in Africa is Kenya.

- The most mountainous part in Africa is East Africa.

- The deserts in Southern Africa are called Nimib and Kalahari

- The wettest place in Africa is Debuncha found in Cameroon.

- Fertile places in the deserts in Africa are called Oasis.

- The ship of the dry desert in Africa is called the camel. 🐪

- Two man made lake in Africa are Akosombo and Kainji.
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