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The Bundi Komba Festival is a rare food culture festival in the Madang Province

The Bundi Komba Festival is a rare food culture festival in the Madang Province. The Bundi area is located between the Madang, Morobe, Goroka, and Chimbu Provinces. Bundi alone have 25 different diverse cultures, and when people see them performing, they will think that they come from different parts of the highlands region of Papua New Guinea.

It is a unique culinary event, that originated in 2019 and has continued for more than five years. It derives its name from the Bundi language, where "Komba" signifies the Marita or the Pandanus.

The mission of the Bundi Komba Festival is to enhance the well-being of Bundi, striving for progress and promoting a safe and harmonious community. Bundi Komba festival is not only to promote the rare food culture or to market Bundi as a tourism adventure destination but, also to help change the livelihood of the people in Bundi. 

The festival has single-handedly generated over K200,000 kina in the remote region of Madang Province, contributing significantly to the improvement of people’s lives. As a direct result, the Bundi area has initiated a water supply project that reaches every household within the community, further enhancing their livelihoods.

Through the festival’s revenue, the Bundi LLG is now working to build a community aid post. The Bundi community is very beautiful, they have spaces for helipads to land, they also have designated places for markets, and well-arranged houses on this tiny reach but it has a breathtaking view. 

The people of Bundi are grateful for the continuous support they have received from the National Cultural Commission over the years. 

It is the National Cultural Commission's main goal to support and bring cultural services to the people of Papua New Guinea.

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