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These are the kind of houses that made the villages beautiful some years back. What is the cultural significance of The antenna at the apex of the roof Cheruiyot Ronoh?

The thachtched roof is rare nowadays and don't tell me we are becoming rich enough to get rid of such houses, i think its because the grass is scarce not even for the cows to graze, of course everything is scarce nowadays, we are living an an era of scarcity.

Furthermore, thatching experts are no longer there, sometimes back, every village had an expert to perform the task. When i say sometimes back, Honourable Kiprono  thinks its 2007 when he was born, am talking about 1990 hapo when Kauria Jude  was in class 8.

Away from the roofing, The wall was plastered using special clay concocted with cow dung. Another reason why this particular houses are rare is because young ladies who fetched the soil are today too sophisticated for such tasks. 
Let me not talk about that window that you see it like its small, No, its big enough that it was used as an incognito entry for forbidden horizontal engineering activities. Nowadays Academician Kibet  texts her C U @2 and everything goes successful. 

Let me cut the long narration short.
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen ❤️๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿค

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