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Wake Up! Get Up! Stand Up! Man-Meri! Foreigners are Paying Government to Carry Out Evictions in Papua New Guinea

All the evictions in city is done by the foreigners, using Papua New Guinean, seeing with your own eyes, the departments heads and big private entities in Port Moresby is currently manage and run by foreigners or systematically influenced... Our country is land of milk and honey, and 50%of of our resources has gone, now is time for foreigners to own our cities and district, its happening..

We never fought for our independence, so we inherently think that things will fall down from the Queen's table! Very sorry to experience this! 

Wake up! 
Get up! 
Stand up! 

Defend what is rightfully ours. We are supposed to live dissent life, enjoy the independence granted by colonial masters. We are standing and somewhat enjoying our lives being taken over by foreign intruders in the names of developments, business, laws and governments! They are all non-human being, created as a system for occupying and destroying land-owners like us in New Guinea!

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