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The ancient Benin Kingdom of Nigeria

The ancient Benin Kingdom of Nigeria once stood as the most advanced and influential civilization in West Africa. Within its boundaries, a complex system of walls surpassed even the Great Wall of China in terms of scale and sophistication.

The Guinness Book of Records, in its 1974 edition, attested that the Benin walls ranked as the world's largest earthworks constructed before the age of machinery.

Tragically, the kingdom's prominence came to an end in the late 19th century when British colonizers infiltrated its territory. In 1897, a significant attack was launched by the British following the killing of a group of their officials by Benin warriors. In the wake of this attack, the British razed the kingdom's capital, pillaged its riches, and exiled its ruler.

Today, countless treasures looted from this ancient kingdom are scattered across the globe. Regrettably, only remnants of the once-magnificent walls, unparalleled in the world, remain standing today. #africa

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