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Picture of an Old Woman from the Turkana Tribe.

Turkana women traditionally took care of the children and household duties. They excelled in making beaded ornaments and building new semi-permanent houses each time the homestead shifted as a result of their nomadic lifestyle.

The Turkana are a Nilotic ethnic community connected to Turkana County, in particular Lake Turkana. One of the largest nomadic communities in Kenya, they are known for their basket weaving and annual Turkana Festival. The Turkana are mostly located in Turkana and Marsabit counties. Notable personalities include Olympic champion Paul Ereng and supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana. 

The Turkana are believed to have migrated from southern Sudan and settled around Lake Turkana, where they mainly kept their livestock. Those close to lake Turkana and river Turkwel carried out fishing and farming in addition to pastoralism..

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