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Mali has dropped French As Its Official Language

Mali has dropped French As Its Official Language and decolonized diplomatic relations with France.
There's is no doubt that language was used as tool for divide and rule by the colonizers.
In a June 18 referendum, Mali's new constitution was overwhelmingly passed with 96.91% of the vote. 
According to the constitution, French is no longer the official language, but it will remain the working language. Instead, 13 other national languages spoken in the country were granted official language status.

Notably, Mali already had about 70 other local languages spoken within its borders. Some of these, such as Bambara, Bobo, Dogon, and Minianka, had already been granted national language status under a decree dating back to 1982.
These changes were set in motion by Mali's junta leader, Col. Assimi Goita, who put the country's new constitution into effect, ushering in the beginning of the Fourth Republic in the West African nation.

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