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Intriguing virgin lands of the Didinga tribe

Take an Ethnic expedition to the Intriguing virgin lands of the Didinga tribe, one of the undiscovered tribes of the world's newest country South Sudan. This expedition will help you discover new areas of Eastern Equatoria state in South Sudan.

The Didinga is a Surmic ethnic group that occupies the Didinga Mountains region in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan. They live in the valleys, on the plateaus and slopes, and in the adjacent plains of the region. Their neighbors include the Toposa, Turkana, Boya, Ketebo, Logir, Ik, Dodos, and Dongotona peoples - groups with whom the Didinga have had frequent conflicts due to economic pressures.

The Didinga, Boya, Tennet, Murle, and Mursi of Southwest Ethiopia share a language that distinguishes them from all other groups in the Sudan. Their language, often called the Murle-Didinga language, is also spoken by a group living in southwest Ethiopia. The Didinga claim to have lived in southwest Ethiopia two hundred years ago. During their migration to the Didinga Hills, the Didinga, Murle, Tennet, and Boya were one group. They lived in harmony in Sudan until a hunting party dispute caused the Murle to leave. Later, a famine caused the Boya to withdraw. Today, though the groups have separated, their language remains the same.

At present, farming and the desire for an education are as important to the Didinga as the herding of cattle is. The traditional values associated with raising cattle remain embedded in all Didinga. Many still take great pleasure in owning large herds. Their new-found hope for change that was brought back from their temporary migration to Uganda also remains instilled in their daily lives. 

The Didinga have musical implements, drums, and harps which are sounded on occasion, for example, when going to dance, hunt, or war.

There is no definite center or organization. But the Didinga have the office of the paramount chief, which is hereditary – a son or in default, a brother’s son takes over. Didinga chiefs lead in war and may summon people for an organized raid. 

The Didinga live in scattered homesteads, with each clan grouped. Homes are round with cone-shaped roofs. During certain seasons and grazing periods, the Didinga also live in rustic camps. 

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