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The Moors were a group of North Africans

The Moors were a group of North Africans who conquered and ruled Spain for nearly 781 years, from 711 to 1492. They entered the Iberian Peninsula, Spain, after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, passing through Morocco. 

African Moors were known for their exceptional architecture and engineering skills, and they built numerous impressive structures, such as universities and mosques in Spain, which still stand to this day. They made significant contributions in various fields, including math, medicine, chemistry, philosophy, astronomy, botany, bricklaying and history. 

The African Moors were the first to introduce the use of Arabic numbers in Europe, which are still used today. They also made significant advances in medicine, developed treatments for various diseases and created medical textbooks that were widely used. In addition, the African Moors were skillful astronomers and developed advanced techniques to measure time and determine the position of celestial bodies. They also made important contributions to botany, introducing new plants in Spain and creating gardens admired by many. 

African Moors were also known for their expertise in bricklaying and built numerous impressive structures, such as Granada's Alhambra, considered one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in the world. Finally, they also wrote extensively about their history, creating numerous historical texts that are still being studied today.

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