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The Kingdom Of Kush: History and Civilization of Ancient Nubia

Kush was also called Nubia because of its rich Gold mines. The Kingdom of Kush, also known as the Kingdom of Napata, the Kingdom of Kerma, the Meroitic Kingdom or sometimes called Nubia by some people, was a vast, powerful empire which dominated global affairs such that militarily, politically and economically. 

First Kingdom of Kerma:
Period: 25th to 21st century BC

Under the name of ancient Kerma, it was intended to bring together all the Cushitic cultures of the Middle Sudan, which were grouped by chiefdoms around a powerful monarch, who therefore had his capital at Kerma, the site of the middle course of the Sudanese Nile. 

The population of this period was indeed made up of a set of different tribes. We are already witnessing a development of metallurgy (copper but also bronze) and arts: cabinetmaking, ivory, ceramics, of which many testimonies have been found in the burials of the time. 

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