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Travel with us to northern Kenya and....

Travel with us to northern Kenya and get to know the El-Molo, a tribe known as the 'people of the lake', a Cushitic, the smallest and near-extinct ethnic group found in northern Kenya numbering around 560 people. They are the most skillful-hardy fishermen amongst the mostly semi-nomadic pastoral tribes around Lake Turkana in the Loiyangalani Division of Marsabit District. They live on the southeastern shores of Lake Turkana, between El Molo Bay and Mount Kulal.

They historically settled in the north of Lake Turkana but were forced by the other tribes to move south to the small islands. They migrated down into the Lake Turkana basin area around 1000 BC from Ethiopia in the north Horn region.

Although their numbers have recovered slightly in recent years, the people who live on the shores of Lake Turkana fear their language could become extinct. Some even believe that the pure El Molo numbers are less and this is because most of them are not "pure" El Molo since they have had inter-marriages with other tribes such as the Samburu and Turkana bloodlines.

The El Molo still live in small dorm-shaped huts, built on the shore of Lake Turkana, even if they are slowly being replaced by permanent concrete homes. Like the Samburu, the El Molo wear necklaces and bracelets made of colored beads.

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