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• Women make up 64% percent of the Rwandan parliament. 

•Rwanda was once còlonized by Germany and Belgium. 

•Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa.

•In spite of Rwanda’s small size, it is made up of several diverse ecosystems.

• Rwanda’s local language is Kinyarwanda, though French, English, and Swahili are widely spoken.

•Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world. 

•Rwanda and Burundi used to be the same country.

•The Rwandan gen0cide was almost 29 years ago.

•Rwanda is landlocked.

•Animal and environmental conservation is a big priority.

• Rwandan coffee is too good.

•Once a month, the country participates in a mandatory national community service initiative.

•Tourism is one of Rwanda’s fastest-growing industries.

•Kigali, Rwanda is the clèanest city in Africa. 

•Rwanda hosts a car-free day to promote exercise and healthy living.

•Rwanda is home to some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas

•Rwanda is a predominantly Christian country, with around 60% of the population belonging to the Catholic Church.

•Some of the most important traditions in Rwanda revolve around family, community, and religion. Rwandan families are typically large and close-knit, with many extended family members living together in one house.


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