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Besides having one of the most well-preserved

Besides having one of the most well-preserved, unique, and incredible ways of life, the Toposa tribe in South Sudan offers a completely unrivaled off-the-beaten-path experience – without being terribly inaccessible or hard to interact with. Travelers visit Toposa tribal Kapoeta villages and experience their daily life. The Toposa continue to dress in their traditional clothes (leather or cotton), pierce their lips, and scarify their arms, chests, and faces and every scarification is a work of art. Toposa are a particular traditional agro-pastoral society though given the harsh and extreme living conditions of the place.

The Toposa tribe lives on the border near Uganda and has a very organized way of life in which art and life mix naturally. The region is nicknamed ‘The Big Thirst’ because few people linger as rainfalls are rare. Their language: Toposa is practiced by 100,000 or more individuals. The members of the tribe gather in villages where the houses are modulated according to the seasons. Called Tukel, the hut of the Toposa people is made of branches tied together with strings and then covered with thatch. High on stilts, these huts also serve as granaries leaving a shaded space for the animals and for the daily work.

There are many colorful objects that come from the Toposa culture like soft leather aprons covered with glass beads, metal beads, or ostrich egg fragments. A piece called 'Akwalac', is worn during ceremonies where songs, dance, music, poems, and folklore are transmitted in a vivid, oral, and gestural way. For the Toposa, as for many tribes, roles are determined. It is actually the women who tend the huts while the men are mainly engaged in raising cattle. 

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