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The Toposa tribe is one of the major ethnic groups in South Sudan

The Toposa tribe is one of the major ethnic groups in South Sudan as well as one of the most fascinating tribes to explore. They reside in the greater Kapoeta eastern equatorial state, with parts of the land stretching to Ethiopia. The heart of each Toposa is in his cattle, goats, and sheep. The Toposa do all it takes to protect their animals as they are fierce warriors and cattle raiders. The herdsmen are times armed with AK-47 guns for the sake of their cattle.

South Sudan is the newest country on the African continent with diverse ethnic groups and historical and cultural attractions. It is one of the finest destinations for cultural tours in Africa.

As you meet the Toposa people; there will be one thing in your mind “How does a person accept scars on their Body”. Scars are part of their cultural identity and pride. A Toposa scar isn’t just any scar; it means adulthood, beauty, or belonging to a given clan.

The Toposa people are fierce warriors who protect their culture and homeland from intruders and inter-tribal fighting. Through certain rites, the young men are initiated into a life as a warrior. They have metal, shell, and beaded accents on their attire. They create raised patterns from scars on their bodies by using a razor or knives.

The Toposa women wear skirts made of animal skins and materials, and the men tie a cloth around their waists. Accessories made of leather and beads enhance their appeal.

Their social structure is based on chief-led clans. As people grow older, they move from one social order to another. Rituals and beliefs exist among them. In their daily lives, such as the timing of birth, marriage, initiation, and death, they trust in supernatural powers.

Travelers can immerse in some of Toposa people's practices, such as dance, dress, food, and more, while also imparting some of what your culture is most proud of. You will visit the communal caves, manyattas, and camps, as well as the animal kraals, grazing areas, and more.

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