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The Kathangor Hills in Eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan

Explore the Jiye, also known as Jie, an ethnic group living in the Kathangor Hills in Eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan. They speak a dialect of the Toposa language. The Jiye are related to the Toposa but now they are enemies. The Jiye are a minority and have special traditions such as the fortress-type villages and their upper lip piercings and scarifications.

The Jiye like the Toposa belong to what has been called the "Karamojong cluster", which also includes the Karamojong people of Uganda, the Nyangatom people in southwestern Ethiopia, and the Turkana people of Kenya.

Also, the Jiye like the Toposa tribe continues to dress in their traditional clothes (leather-beaded skirts) and pierce their lips and scarify their arms, chests, and faces. Each scarification is a work of art.

The Jie society is organized into exogamous agnatic lineages. The most important social events that bring the Jiye together in celebrations include marriage, hunting, cattle raids, and warfare. The Jiye share certain totems and body marks. The male adults attend meetings, gatherings, and functions in which important decisions concerning the clan or whole community are made. Respect for the elders among the Jiye is mandatory for the younger generations.

The Jiye are seasonal pastoralists who mainly raise cattle. Women and children generally live in settled villages while men leave the village for the season to feed the cattle on pastures. In the villages, women engage in farming and cultivate crops like cowpeas, maize, millet, and tobacco. Cattle play a major role in Jiye culture and are incorporated into the religious system of the Jiye

The Jiye culture is orally transmitted through songs, dance, music, poems, and folklore. Being pastoralists, they have perfected their art of war and cattle raiding. They are able to spy and gather with precision information about the enemy, water, pastures, etc. The young men take great care and beauty of their hair.

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