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In 1911 Addis Ababa had become the twilight of an Empire

In 1911 Addis Ababa had become the twilight of an Empire crumbling into chaos.It was only in Harrar where the return of Ras Tafari had been joyfully received there were peace and civility.
      Rival Rases tore the Country apart , Ras Mikal,the father of Lidj Iyasu waged a bloody war campaign in Wollo to put down a pretender, in another occasion Emperor Meneliks soldiers after not being paid sworn in an ugly mood and sent a declaration to Lidj Iyasu who after trying to borrow some money and was unsuccessful marched a batallion of his father's troops to the Palace with the objective of forcing Empress Taytu to reveal the whereabouts of Emperor Meneliks treasure chest which was rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the cellar. After a struggle they found a blubbering Emperor Menelik and a defiant Empress Taytu standing beside the reserve of the Solomonic Dynasty,there had to be reprisal.
      Lidj Iyasu left Addis Ababa and refused to come to the Council until he is crowned King ,but it was impossible so long as Emperor Menelik lived.
      Babylon and the West backed Lidj Iyasu ,and when I a d I say the West here I and I mean British,French and Italian (Rome) Their content was the best bulwark.They had then brought all the support they could and put their support on the Shoan Chiefs of Addis Ababa.
      Menelik died, the Solomonic Dynasty was defunct, had come to a standstill.Empress Taytu and Princess Zauditu,her stepdaughter were packed away to a Convent in Mount Entoto .Lidj Iyasu then consented to return, when he came to the function he was too intoxicated to talk of the Emperor Menelik.
      It should be noted that at the transcendence of Emperor Menelik his grandson Lidj Iyasu was to become Emperor of Ethiopia but Lidj Iyasu biological father Ras Mikal who had been borned a Muslim and was forcibly converted to Coptic Christianity by Emperor Yohannes.Lidj Yasu finally turned towards Mecca
      Ras Tafari had warned that Ethiopia was in danger of being converted by Ethiopian victims.Ras Tafari as governor of Harar had been troubled by the activities of marauding tribesmen in the Ogaden ,a tract of land which matches from Harar down to Somalia. When these Muslims were captured ,they pleaded to be set free " We are all brothers now " they said " Soon a prophet will rise in this country and free you from your Infidel master and then we will all be as one from the Nile to the Red Sea ,True believers in one God (Allah)
      Even though some of Ras Tafari soldiers were Moslems themselves they were against this kind of prophecy from a Somali. The prisoners were brought to to Ras Tafari for more rigorous questioning and the Turkish Consul General was implicated.He had visited the Ogaden and promised that the Ethiopian governor under Lidj Iyasu would aid in the campaign against the British.
      Lidj Iyasu was told that he would have power not only over Ethiopia but over large parts of Africa. There was a prophecy among Moslems that the new Mahdi would rise from the unexpected quarter ,but would be descended from Mohammed's daughter Fatima.
      It said it was confirmed by the Vali of Yemen that Lidj Iyasu genealogical tribe showed him to be a descendant on his father Ras Mikal side of Fatima .The Moslem.Somilsnd,Eritrea , and Sudan were waiting on him to liberate them and Constantinople and the Grand Central Powers will bless him.
      This was the Solomonic Dynasty on the brink of ruins. Ras Tafari is the Saviour,.
 To be continued.

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