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L• Kenya 🇰🇪 was named after mount kenya ,the second tallest mountain in Africa.

• Tourism and coffee are kenya's🇰🇪 biggest industry.

• Kenya's capital Nairobi is the only city in the world that has a national park.

• Kenya is the most prògressive còuntry in Afrika in terms of technòlogy. 

• Kenya🇰🇪 is one of the country were volcano erupted it was 1922

• The First Black american president " Bàrack ○bama" he's from Kenyà 🇰🇪

• Tr0phy hunting is illegal to in kenya🇰🇪

• Kenya 🇰🇪 is known as the home of the fastest animals in the world and the fastest land 

• There are 68 different languages in kenya🇰🇪

• Kenya's 🇰🇪 Ngugi wa Thionng 

• some of the oldest known paleontological record of history have been found in kenya🇰🇪

• Kenya🇰🇪 has the largest economy in East Africa. 

• Kenya 🇰🇪 has most olympics medals in AFRICA , the best marathon record holder "Eliud Kipchoe" is from kenya

• Kenya🇰🇪 is the best place in the world for a safari.

• Lake Victoria is the world's second largest freshwater lake found in kenya🇰🇪.... 

• The are two official languages English and Swahili

• Kenya🇰🇪 was voted as the world's leading safari destination by the world Travel and Award in 2015.

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