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Give Support to West Papua to Become Full Member of the MSG

Brothers and Sisters  in Melanesian Region.

We have to know and understand the world that we live in the perspective of the global human presentation and ambitions to manipulate nature of human dignity and integrity as human being by one side interest to destroy others human beings life.

Politic Economy to cooperation with other nations to deliver and carry on today is all about Politic to destroy others people life.

To remember: "Politic economics to co-operation today is weapon of mass destruction" to others people or to other countries.

Indonesian Government can Play Games with Money-Development approach toward Pacific's Nations but in the Perspectives of God creation and Sosio-culture of human beings" We are Melanesian Pacific Nations. To think and stand for Million Years of Generations will come and go to beyond of this earth.

Indonesian propaganda Politic Economy approach to play with Pacific's  countries at the moment not to affected  to West Papua become full membership by process decisions making by Melanesian Leaders in MSG meeting on July 2023.

Melanesian Leaders  have a clear understands about fundamental questions of Who we are ? Where we are ? What we are ? How do we are? Where do we go ?
Rather than accepting enemy's persuasion for short term pleasure.

Leaders must stand in strong fundament with what you believe is right for guaranty to manuvering protectionism prosperity of the next generations in the long run.

One People One Soul 
Free West Papua...

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