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Shona kingdoms and empires: before Mzilikazi arrived and the colonialists Cecil john Rhodes

* Changamire Dombo: Rozvi Empire (1500s)
* Chibanda: Rozvi Empire (17th century)
* Nyatsimba Mutota: Mutapa Empire (16th century)
* Nehanda Nyakasikana: Spirit medium and leader in the First Chimurenga (late 19th century)
* Munhumutapa: Mutapa Empire (15th to 18th century)
* Tohwechipi: Shona ruler who resisted Mzilikazi's rule (19th century)
* Kapararidze: Founder of the Changa dynasty in the 19th century
* Chirumanzu: Ruler of the Chirumanzu dynasty in the 19th century
* Mangwende: Founder of the Mangwende dynasty in the 18th century
* Kumbirai: Rozvi king during the decline of the Rozvi Empire (19th century)
The Mbire Svosve dynasty was an important political unit in the history of present-day Zimbabwe, dating back to the 11th century. They were associated with the land of Mbire, (ChangaMbire) an area around Mount Wedza that became famous for its involvement in the Njanja hoe trade and as a center of iron mining (Mhangura-Iron). The dynasty are direct descendents the Soko/vudzijena/Pfumojena people of the Mutapa state area, including the prominent NeMbire dynasty...the builders of Dzimbabgwe.

Rulers of the Mbire Svosve dynasty included:
* Svosve Chikunga (ruled circa 1759-1785)
* Svosve Choto Mtuta Chidyausiku (ruled circa 18..-1896)

History records Mzilikazi waging wars with the local kings ... It is not true that Mzilikazi found empty land with no kings..its a lie.
While exact dates for each specific conflict between Mzilikazi and the various local kings may not be exact.. These dates are on record.. 

* 1820s-1830s: Mzilikazi and his Ndebele people began their northward migration from Zululand, coming into conflict with Shona groups along the way.
* 1830s-1840s: Mzilikazi established the Ndebele kingdom in present-day Zimbabwe and continued to expand his territory through military conquest. During this time, he fought against several Shona rulers, including Toh

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