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Mzilikazi: The Making of a King against All Odds." 

Mzilikazi was born in the Zulu Kingdom, which was part of the Nguni people in Southern Africa. He was born into the Khumalo clan, a prominent and respected family which had been abosored into the Zulu royal house. His father, Mashobana kaMangethe, was a chief and a son of Zulu king Jama kaNdaba. Mzilikazi's mother was the daughter of a Swazi king, Sobhuza I.

As a descendant of Zulu royalty, Mzilikazi held the title of Prince in his early life. He was part of the ruling family and had a direct claim to the Zulu throne. However, circumstances led him on a different path, and he eventually founded the Ndebele kingdom, where he became known as a powerful king.

Mzilikazi's journey from Kwazulu to Bulawayo was long and complex. Here's an overview:
Mzilikazi's transformative journey from prince to warrior, fugitive, and ultimately self-made king is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. As a prince in the Zulu Kingdom, he showed promise as a skilled warrior, but circumstances forced him to flee and become a fugitive. Undeterred by adversity, Mzilikazi's indomitable spirit led him to carve his own destiny, establishing himself as a powerful king through sheer force of will and strategic prowess.

• Kwazulu:.. Gingindlovu/Bulawayo, Melmoth: Mzilikazi was a lieutenant of Shaka, the king of the Zulus. In 1823, he revolted against Shaka and led his people northward, away from their home in what is now South Africa.
Why did he leave

Mzilikazi's decision to change his identity/Name his nation from Nguni/Ndwandwe "Zulu" to Ndebele can be attributed to a combination of factors, including his experiences with the Ndebele people, the desire for a fresh start, and strategic considerations. Having spent 14 years with the Ndebele, their customs, values, and way of life significantly shaped Mzilikazi's identity and leadership style. Choosing the Ndebele name allowe

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