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The Greeks visited Egypt (kemet) as students

The Greeks visited Egypt (kemet) as students to learn about Africàns.

Plato stùdied in Egypt for 13 years

Pythagoras studied philosophy, geometry and medicine in 
 for 22 years.

Thales, the first Greek philosopher to study in Egypt for 7 years.

Hypocrates, who is called father of medicine, recognized the Egyptian multi genius, Imhotep as the father of medicine.

The "Pythagorean Theorem" used to build pyramids in Egypt 1000 years before Pythagòrean was bòrn.

Plato said Egyptian èducation makes students more alèrt and humane.

Plato tòld his students to go to Egypt if they wànted to study the minds of great philosophers.

Heredotus, the Greek historian dèscribed ancient Egypt as the cràdle of civilizàtion.

0ur ancestors opened the doors of our Nation to f0reign peoples, these guests were welcomed with respect and honor according to our traditions but they used our kindnèss to destr0y our Nation.

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