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Tafari was only four when the Italo Ethiopian war broke out in 1895 to 1896

Tafari was only four when the Italo Ethiopian war broke out in 1895 to 1896 .Before his departure to the war Ras Makonnen entrusted his delicate son to the care of Monsigneur Taurine ,a Catholic Missionary in Harar.Taurin remained at the mission until the Triumphant return of his father after an absence of about one year.
     When Tafari was five a teacher was assigned to HIM and his nephew Imru (later Ras) to educate them in the traditional manner .

Tafaris first teacher was Walde Kidane who made a impression on HIM. His second teacher was Gebre Selassie , a Monk from Gojam Province for whom Tafari had special affection and respect .It was he who shaped the young Tafari character ..After receiving a basic education which consisted of learning to read and write Geez.

He was expected as was customary ,to be ordained as a Deacon . In 1900 Abuna Yohannes an Egyptian Abba of Gojam who was returning to his country via Harar ordained both Tafari and Imru ,Ras Makonnen was keenly interested in giving his son an education of the European style ,but no school that provided this was available in Ethiopia .Makonnen therefore asked Dr. Vitalien a French medical doctor in a leprosy hospital to teach Tafari and Imru  to speak French in his spare time .

The doctor ,however eventually found himself too busy at the hospital .Abba Samuel Walda Kahen then an Ethiopian Coptic Priest  who knew French , was assigned to teach Tafari both French and Amharic . 

This priest devoted his time and energy to educating the young Prince ,but eventually lost his life in a boating accident.that was set by Lij Yasu

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